RCC Cooling Tower Manufacturers
RCC Cooling Tower

RCC Cooling Tower manufacturing Induced draft Cooling Tower in RCC Construction also both in Cross Flow and Counter Flow design. Since the structure of Cooling towers is complete with RCC, the tower life will be more than timber as well as FRP.

RCC Cooling Tower Manufacturers
RCC Cooling Tower

All other internal fills and Drift Eliminators are PVC / TIMBER as like other Cooling towers. Spiral Bevel Gear Boxes are used in RCC Cooling Towers. The ranges of our RCC Cooling Towers are 500M3 to 3000M3 /Cell. Higher capacities are available in multi cell construction.

For detailed Brochure, technical & dimensional details along with quotation can be obtained from our marketing department on request

United Cooling Towers offer a high quality RCC Cooling Towers which are used in various industries. Our RCC Cooling Towers have the following specifications:

:  Both Cross and Counter flow
Fan Cylinder
:  RCC Construction / FRP (Optional)
Fan Assembly
:  Epoxy based FRP multi bladed fan assembly. Light and durable, low vibration, easy maintenance.
End wall Casing & Louver
:  RCC Construction.
Stair Case
:  RCC Construction with tubular hand railings.
:  Reputed make TEFC, weatherproof, IP – 55 Enclosure 415V / 3PH / 50Hz. / 1440 RPM.
Gear Box
:  Spiral Bevel type Gear.
Drive Shaft
:  Tubular type single span drive shaft fitted with flexible coupling with bushes at both end. Drive shafts are made of MS with HDG / SS for special case.