Modular Cooling Towers

A Modular Cooling Towers greatly reduces the entry of dust and other airborne debris into the tower. Legionella are more easily inactivated by biocides when in a free-living state rather than embedded in a protective biofilm. modular cooling tower use of an optionally available cyclone filtration system can further remove suspended solids. Unlike conventional sand filtration systems, cyclone filters provide no breeding ground for bacterial growth to occur, nor a seed reservoir for continual re-infection of the cooling loop. This reduction in overall solids loading reduces the nutrient load in the system needed for modular cooling tower to grow. Furthermore a reduction in solids reduces the effective biocide demand. Oxidizing biocides are non-targeted that is they can oxidize any system carbon matter just as effectively as bacteria. This modular cooling tower results in biocides being used up indiscriminately within the system. The high velocity water creates shear stress on any attached forms impairing further growth of the biofilm layer.Modular Cooling Tower high velocity water also impairs diffusion of nutrients into the biofilm layer making it difficult to sustain life.