Fanless Filles Cooling Towers

“Fanless Filles Cooling Towers” which can be used passively, making quiet computers, Many enthusiasts choose to use the heat sinks with a fan for better heat dissipation. This block usually has fins and ridges to increase its surface area. The heat conductivity of metal is much better than that of air, and it radiates heat better than the component that it is protecting. Until recently, fan-cooled aluminium heat sinks.

The Fanless pressure differential on one side of the building causes air to be drawn down into the passage on the other side. TheFanless hot air is brought down into the qanat tunnel and is cooled by coming into contact with the cool earth.Fanless creates a pressure gradient which allows hot air, which to travel upwards and escape out the top. This is also compounded significantly by the diurnal cycle, trapping cool air below. The temperature in such an environment cannot drop below the nightly low temperature.